Appreciating the Artisan

This Thursday 17 May marks the opening of the 24th Edition of the exhibition, ARTIGIANATO & PALAZZO in the beautiful Corsini Gardens.  An exhibition founded in 1995 by Neri Tortigiani and promoted by Princess Giorgiana Corsini as an opportunity to appreciate and give value to the artisan in this present day.

Each year around 100 artisans are selected to be the protagonists of this unique exhibition, the majority coming from Tuscany but there is also a representation from other parts of Italy and even some International artisans that you can discover at work as you wander around the curated private gardens.

Each year at ARTIGIANATO & PALAZZO an established Artisan is given the spotlight in a ‘Mostra Principe’ celebrating the success of a business or product that started life in the artisans workshop and has now arrived at International success.

Each day the exhibition will feature music by Naomi Berrill, live cooking “Ricette di Famiglia / Family Recipes” by the talented chefs from Desinare, various activities and various street food that will satisfy from breakfast to the hour of the aperitivo!



WHEN : 17-20 MAY – 10:00am – 8:00pm





*Cover photo credits:
Susanna Stiegler



Buona Festa della Mamma!


The greatest love is a mother’s…and from all of us at Palazzo San Niccolò Apartments in Florence, we wish all the mothers a very Happy ‘Festa della Mamma’! Mother’s day or Festa della Mamma as it is known in Italy was first celebrated in 1957 by a priest from the village of Tordibetto in Assisi.   As in many other countries, in Italy it is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May.  It is a day widely celebrated as a special day to honor all mothers and motherhood.

Florence is the perfect location to spoil your mother and make her feel loved and appreciated and if you are staying in our San Niccolò neighborhood, then we suggest starting the day by treating your mother to an indulgent breakfast at one of the fantastic cafes in the area.  After breakfast, go and see a special exhibition in one of the many galleries that Florence is famous for.  If the sun is shining, then a stroll around the stunning gardens of Boboli or Bardini is a must.  You could also pamper your mother with her own personally designed perfume or send her to a day-spa so that she can totally relax and turn-off from her Mamma responsibilities for the day!

We couldn’t think of a better location than Florence to honour the very special women who raised us!




Photograph featured in this post are from one of the most beautiful Florists in the OltrarnoFiorile located at Via di Santo Spirito 26r.


A Floral Oasis in the City

Florence is turning on a wonderful show for Spring and the Iris Garden, known as the Giardino dell’Iris is no exception.  Open for one month each year, the garden will be open until the 20th May and we would suggest a visit if you are in town.
Enter from Piazzale Michelangelo and you will feel instantly like you are in the country.  Narrow paths will take you on a floral excursion where you can admire the vibrant colours and miraculous displays of nature that these flowers exhibit.  There are over 150 varieties on show and as you wander amongst the olive trees, you will be pleased that you escaped the city-rush to visit this important landmark.  A lovely place also for children but not ideal if you have a stroller as there are also many steps to navigate.

OPEN UNTIL THE 20TH MAY – Piazzale Michelangelo
Monday – Friday : 10.00 – 13.00  | 15.00 – 19.30
Saturday – Sunday : 10.00 – 19.30
Last entrance half an hour before closing.



(and keep fit at the same time!)

If you are in Florence this weekend you might want to choose a new way to discover the city!  The Guarda Firenze Run takes you past the stunning landmarks of the historical center with a spectacular start in Piazza Duomo.
You can choose to either run or ‘tourist-walk’ the 10km distance and there i salso a 3km Mini Guarda Firenze race for the younger participants.
The Guarda Firenze is a sport-educational event aimed at spreading the knowledge of the history of Florence through the usual tourist-sport of walking.  The race is organized by the Florence Marathon and is socially committed to guide young people, their families and the elderly towards a lifestyle particularly aware of its physical and mental health and of illness prevention.

DATE : 6TH MAY 2018
Registration Cost : € 10
Free for everyone under 14 years of age.
Free ASICS T-shirt designed specifically for the event will be given to all participants.


The Bardini Gardens and Villa boast one of the most beautiful views of Florence and for those in the know, now is the best time to visit this magnificent location. If you are a fan of wisteria or glicene as it is called in Italian, then you must visit the gardens famous wisteria archway which is already in full bloom. It really is a sight to behold and for photography enthusiasts, the wisteria offer the most beautiful natural frame for capturing Florence.
The Bardini Garden, which is part of the Boboli museum network, includes three different areas that once were part of the Villa: the large, central, Baroque staircase, the English garden to the west and the farming area to the east.
The staircase leads through the terraced garden to the overlook from which visitors can admire all of Florence, not to mention the numerous varieties of iris flowers and the delicate Bengal roses.

The Villa Bardini is home to the Capucci Museum, Annigoni Museum and other temporary exhibitions and special eventsheld during the year. Originally called Villa Manadora, it was built in the 1600s by the architect Gherardo Silvani. After belonging to various aristocratic and wealthy families, in 1913 it was bought by Stefano Bardini and is today an exhibition center opened to the public.

The Villa Hours
From Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 – 19.00

The Garden Hours
November, December, January, Febbrary : 8.15 – 16.30
March : 8.15 – 17.30
April, May, September, October : 8.15 – 18.30
June, July, August: 8.15 – 19.30
*Closed the first and last Monday of each month!

Ticket Price

Full Ticket €8.00 7-14 years €6.00 0-6 years FREE
Free Entrance the first Sunday of every Month!

Address : Via dei Bardi 1 rosso & Costa San Giorgio 2, Firenze.
No dogs Allowed


“The Birth of a Nation” showing at Palazzo Strozzi

From 16 March to 22 July 2018, Palazzo Strozzi hosts the exhibition “Birth of a Nation. Between Guttuso, Fontana and Schifano “: an extraordinary journey through art, politics and society in Italy between the 50’s and to late 60’s with about eighty works by artists such as Renato Guttuso, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri, Emilio Vedova, Enrico Castellani, Piero Manzoni, Mario Schifano, Mario Merz and Michelangelo Pistoletto. The event is curated by Luca Massimo Barbato.

During World War II, Italy had lost part of itself and been left wounded. After the war the country and its people were building its own new identity. The exhibition takes us along this journey as it explores these different concepts through art. Beginning from the debate between Realism and Abstraction, moving on to Informal Art and Arte Povera.

This exhibition allows the viewer to delve into Italy’s contemporary art with an understanding of how this new vision of art came to be.

Article & Images by: Allegra de Leon Delli


Easter in Florence

Explosion of the Cart

The entirety of Italy is deeply rooted in tradition and religion. So celebrating Easter anywhere in the country is very special. However, there is no better celebration than the one that takes place in Florence! The main attraction of Easter day is a tradition that dates back to around the year 1097 called “Scoppio del Carro,” or the “Explosion of the Cart.”

This involves a huge wooden cart called the Brindellone which is nine meters high and decorated in fireworks. The ceremony begins in Porta al Prato then the cart is pulled through the streets of Florence by a pair of white oxen before arriving in the Piazza Duomo and sits in between the cathedral and the baptistry. It is there where one can find hundreds of both tourists and Florentines awaiting to witness the spectacular tradition.

When the Easter Mass ends at 11am, the Archbishop of Florence lights a rocket along a wire from the altar in the direction of the cart. This rocket is called the “Colombina” and is shaped like a dove which is meant to symbolize the holy spirit. When the Colombina reaches the Brindellone the incredible firework show begins. The hope is that the Colombina will follow the wire back to the altar and if this happens that means a good year is ahead. In the past this used to predict a good harvest year.

This is definitely something you do not want to miss! Come join the excitement and the tradition of a Florentine Easter on April 1, 2018.





Real Taste of Tuscany


A unique collection of local treats gathered at Palazzo San Niccolò Apartments in Florence for the immersive two day event, “Real Taste of Tuscany.” Family and friends gathered together the 25th and 26th of February, to sample some of the best regional foods and wines, and marvel at the work of local artisans. Shelves of vibrantly hand painted ceramics, the soft smell of freshly baked bread, and the gentle red beams from the iconic Palazzo San Niccolò holidays apartments in florence city centre  curtains, illuminated the lobby all weekend. Real Taste of Tuscany offered the community and guests the opportunity to indulge in the high quality products Tuscany is famous for. The weekend did not disappoint as an event for the senses. Local producers of olive oil, wine, bread, and truffle spreads were in attendance, offering samples to those floating through the lobby. In addition to the delicious foods, artisanal products and crafts were showcased. Including handmade and painted ceramics, jewelry, clothing, and other one-of-a-kind home and travel goods. All weekend, guests came by to taste the delicious food and wine and to enjoy the atmosphere of this central community event.

Palazzo San Niccolò Firenze – Suite Apartments in Florence – Easter in Florence


Isabel Barichievich




“Scatti di Cinema & Moda” at Palazzo San Niccolo for Pitti Uomo 93

After its recent success during the Rome Film Festival, the “Scatti di Cinema & Moda” (“Shots of Cinema & Fashion”) exhibition curated by Luxury Files magazine arrived in Florence just in time for Pitti Uomo 93, whose theme was based on cinema. The photographic exhibition, shot by Fulvio Maiani, was held in the lounge of our very own Palazzo San Niccolò.



The exhibition showcased the special relationship between film and fashion, two of Italy’s finest features. Maiani used various famous Italian actors, such as Carolina Crescentini and Giorgio Pasotti, as the subjects of his photographs. Each photograph expressed a particular theme within film and fashion conveying strong emotions. The sophisticated images sat perfectly in the vintage glamour of Palazzo San Niccolò’s lounge.



Hamilton watches also were on display during the vernissage revealing its own relationship with cinema. Most may not know, but Hamilton watches have appeared in nearly 400 films over the past 60 years. Films ranging from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to Die Hard.

The guests enjoyed many Tuscan specialties including Savini truffles, chocolate treats by the award-winning Andrea Slitti and an exclusive selection of wines by La Tognazza. The vernissage was an overall success attended by many people within the fashion and film industry.

Video courtesy of Luxury Files magazine.  

Article by Allegra de Leon Delli
Photos by Lorenzo Fanti.



PSN Experience! Tacfit with MovLab

Tacfit at Palazzo San Niccolò!

If you are staying at Palazzo San Niccolo and are interested in staying fit and active during your stay in Florence, ask one of our staff members about Tacfit sessions that take place outside in our garden with a certified Tracfit coach. Palazzo San Niccolo hosted their first Tacfit session of the summer with Coach Anya. Tacfit took place in our lovely garden area where both guests and staff participated. This was the first of many Tacfit events to be held here at Palazzo San Niccolo. Follow us on social media to join our next session here with Coach Anya.