A stay in the Lungarno at the Palazzo San Niccolo offers guests a taste of Florence’s history while providing a modern luxury feel. The classic Italian style flooring, walls, and ceilings give the Lungarno a historical charm and feel while the modern light fixtures and furniture provide guests with an up to date and luxury feel, offering the best of both worlds. The Lungarno comes equipped with a queen size bed along with a smart TV to offer the guests the upmost comfort during their stay. The room also provides a desk, additional seating, and a coffee table. The Lungarno also contains a full bathroom with an all glass shower, providing guests with a truly modern feel. The Lungarno room also offers a view overlooking the beautiful streets of Florence providing more historical charm for guests. A stay in the Lunganro at the Palazzo San Niccolo provides guests with a perfect mixture of history and modernization.