Easter in Florence

Explosion of the Cart

The entirety of Italy is deeply rooted in tradition and religion. So celebrating Easter anywhere in the country is very special. However, there is no better celebration than the one that takes place in Florence! The main attraction of Easter day is a tradition that dates back to around the year 1097 called “Scoppio del Carro,” or the “Explosion of the Cart.”

This involves a huge wooden cart called the Brindellone which is nine meters high and decorated in fireworks. The ceremony begins in Porta al Prato then the cart is pulled through the streets of Florence by a pair of white oxen before arriving in the Piazza Duomo and sits in between the cathedral and the baptistry. It is there where one can find hundreds of both tourists and Florentines awaiting to witness the spectacular tradition.

When the Easter Mass ends at 11am, the Archbishop of Florence lights a rocket along a wire from the altar in the direction of the cart. This rocket is called the “Colombina” and is shaped like a dove which is meant to symbolize the holy spirit. When the Colombina reaches the Brindellone the incredible firework show begins. The hope is that the Colombina will follow the wire back to the altar and if this happens that means a good year is ahead. In the past this used to predict a good harvest year.

This is definitely something you do not want to miss! Come join the excitement and the tradition of a Florentine Easter on April 1, 2018.