The Bardini Gardens and Villa boast one of the most beautiful views of Florence and for those in the know, now is the best time to visit this magnificent location. If you are a fan of wisteria or glicene as it is called in Italian, then you must visit the gardens famous wisteria archway which is already in full bloom. It really is a sight to behold and for photography enthusiasts, the wisteria offer the most beautiful natural frame for capturing Florence.
The Bardini Garden, which is part of the Boboli museum network, includes three different areas that once were part of the Villa: the large, central, Baroque staircase, the English garden to the west and the farming area to the east.
The staircase leads through the terraced garden to the overlook from which visitors can admire all of Florence, not to mention the numerous varieties of iris flowers and the delicate Bengal roses.

The Villa Bardini is home to the Capucci Museum, Annigoni Museum and other temporary exhibitions and special eventsheld during the year. Originally called Villa Manadora, it was built in the 1600s by the architect Gherardo Silvani. After belonging to various aristocratic and wealthy families, in 1913 it was bought by Stefano Bardini and is today an exhibition center opened to the public.

The Villa Hours
From Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 – 19.00

The Garden Hours
November, December, January, Febbrary : 8.15 – 16.30
March : 8.15 – 17.30
April, May, September, October : 8.15 – 18.30
June, July, August: 8.15 – 19.30
*Closed the first and last Monday of each month!

Ticket Price

Full Ticket €8.00 7-14 years €6.00 0-6 years FREE
Free Entrance the first Sunday of every Month!

Address : Via dei Bardi 1 rosso & Costa San Giorgio 2, Firenze.
No dogs Allowed