Art can be found in every corner of Florence, and today that corner was the courtyard of Palazzo San Niccolò. A group of aspiring artists gathered outside where they created uniquely different works of art of the scenery around them. They all spread out over the courtyard depending on their own individual style and preferences letting their creativity flow onto the canvases before them. This group of 10 strang ers have traveled from all over in order to learn from an impressionist artist, Marla Baggetta, who is the featured artist for this Florence excursion. Debra Zamperla and her husband Ivan are the owners and coordinators of Artensity, which was created in order to host art workshops in the beautiful city of Florence. They have been bringing groups of artist to Florence since 2013. Over the years the program has grown and adapted by including more activities for the participants of the workshops. All of the students have different experiences when it comes to art. Some have studied art for their entire life, while others have just seen art as one of their hobbies. They all come from different backgrounds and had different stories to share. An orthodontist from Florida, decided to come in order to pursue her passion for art that she has never had time for, while an architect from Charlotte, NC., has been taking art workshops for years. The group is staying at Palazzo San Niccolò in Florence for 8 days and each day has been planned and organized by Debra and her husband.

One of their days was devoted entirely to the beautiful courtyard of Palazzo San Niccolò. They began the workshop by watching Marla Baggetta demo a painting of a corner of the courtyard using pastels. Marla and Debra have been working together for over a decade and have been to Florence together for workshops many times. While Marla gave her demo, everyone was silent as they watched her make colorful strokes onto the canvas. It only took her about an hour to create a masterpiece which was quickly bought by one of the participants. Marla went to art school in Pasadena, Calif., where she perfected her technique and created a name for herself in the impressionist art community. Many of the workshop participants follow Marla online and have been to her art exhibitions before. This group loves to stay at San Niccolò because of the amazing architecture and scenery the building has to offer. They are able to paint just outside the door of their apartment and create beautiful works of art.

Baylee Earnest