The San Miniato basilica is turning 1,000 years old, so the city of Florence is ready to celebrate with 50 plus events scheduled over the course of 2018. The celebrations began on April 27 to
commemorate the date of when the remain of martyr Miniato were recovered and placed on the altar by bishop Ildebrando. There are many different events that are scheduled in order to celebrate the basilica. There will be an inauguration of three wooden doors and the ciborium, which were recently restored for this special occasion. The calendar of events also has concerts and varying activities scheduled.

The Millennium Sunset Prayer Concert will be held on June 21 with a musical debut by young composer Ian Cecil Scott. There is day-long Piazza San Miniato festival on June 23. This will include tastings, workshops about medieval times, street performances and mass. There is an international conference about the basilica’s history on September 13 and 14. A focus on the development of liturgical chants, titled “Haec est porta coeli, canti per mille anni”, involving Florence’s international peoples, will be held from April 3 to 7. This monumental occasion is being celebrated in a very big way. These events can be a great way to learn about the history of Florence and the people who call the city home.


Poster by
Palazzo San Niccolò Firenze