When visiting a foreign city, it can be difficult to find places to eat, drink, sight-see, and even to grab basic necessities. However, when staying at the Palazzo San Niccolò there are so many places just minutes from our front door.

Known as one of the oldest districts and the “artist’s neighborhood” of Florence, San Niccolò is a very fascinating district full of history, art galleries, boutiques, bars and restaurants. If you are looking to avoid the super touristic places, San Niccolò is the perfect place for you to be. This district lies on the other side of the Arno River, away from super crowded areas of the town but definitely more authentic with lots to occupy yourself with.

Enjoy every minute of your stay by going to all the best places in San Niccolò. Here a few we suggest for you:

Food & Drink Favorites

I’ Pizzacchiere Firenze

Right around the corner of the Palazzo on your way towards Piazza Michelangelo you will find this hidden pizzeria gem. Here you’ll walk into a friendly and funny atmosphere, while appreciating a true high-quality Italian pizza dish. Be sure to stop by this quaint, family friendly restaurant and enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends!

“The pizza is very good and the places has a nice feel to it. I really loved the juiciness of the food, it is true that for the real pizza you don’t need a sauce! Also, the quality of the ingredients comes through, for me this is one of the most important aspects of food. I would totally recommend this place for an Italian pizza experience!”

– Teodora Dubar {past customer}
Fuori Porta

Located off of Via del Monte all Croci, just 2 minutes walking from the Palazzo, lies Fuori Porta restaurant and wine bar. This Tuscan restaurants primary focus is to provide you with excellent wines and genuine flavors while giving their customers the best possible care when doing so.

Il Rifrullo

Only a 1 minute walk from the Palazzo, this beautiful café-restaurant is a frequent spot for the locals and is the perfect place for a gorgeous Tuscan aperitivo. We strongly recommend you visit in spring or summer, because it has a beautiful terrace to spend the night drinking with your friends and family.

“We stumbled upon this place on a hunt for an evening drink, and what a delight. There’s a lovely outdoor rooftop terrace to sit outside and off the street. They have an apertitvo buffet with a huge selection of pastas, pizzas and other yummy things.”

– Beth D {past customer}
Forno San Niccolò

The perfect bakery in the San Niccolò area with so many incredible and delicious foods to choose from each and every morning. Being only a 1-minute walk from the Palazzo, Forno San Niccolò is the perfect place to get a quick sweet treat before exploring the beautiful city of Florence.

Le Follie di Romualdo

Choosing only organic and top quality ingredients, Le Follie di Romualdo is one of the newer pizza places in the San Niccolò area that provides authentic flavors and some of the best products that the city offers.

Il Gelato di Filo

Il Gelato di Filo is one of the best gelato places in the San Niccolò area. Being only a 1-minute walk from the Palazzo, pop in for a sweet treat either before or after lunch, dinner, or maybe even both!

Basic Necessities

Farmacia Comunale di San Niccolò Apoteca Natura

In case of any emergencies, it’s always important to know of any pharmacies around the area. Lucky for you, the Farmacia Comunale di San Niccolò is only a 2-minute walk from the Palazzo where you can quickly grab anything you may need in the matter of minutes without disturbing your time in Florence.

Le Bontà di Michele

Only a 3-minute walk down the road from the Palazzo lies Le Bontà di Michele. Here you can grab a few quick foods for the road or even enjoy a quick lunch to go.

Best Sights to See

Piazzale Michelangelo & Giardino dell Rose

The Piazza Michelangelo & Giardino dell Rose is on a hill on the south bank of the Arno River, just 5 minutes away from the Palazzo San Niccolò. These places are undoubtedly the best panoramic view of Florence.

San Niccolò Tower & Le Rampe

The Tower of San Niccolò, once part of a gate for the defensive walls of Florence, is now located in piazza Giuseppe Poggi, which is right next to the Le Rampe fountain. The tower is one of the most important elements for a strong understanding of the city’s history. Once you make it up the steps, you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind 360 degree view of Florence

Just a few steps away from the Tower of San Niccolò lies Le Rampe fountain which, after almost a years worth of restoration, is finally complete and looking as beautiful as ever. The incredible transformation of Le Rampe has now made the walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo much more pleasant, creating a green corner on the banks of the Arno; an important point of attraction for the San Niccolò area.

Giardino Bardini

The Giardino Bardini is an Italian Renaissance garden located just 10 short minutes away from the Palazzo. The garden provides many statues and panoramic views over the city of Florence. Due to being recently opened to the public, this beautiful sight is often left unnoticed and shouldn’t be. Be sure to stop by and check it out for yourself!