The Art of Writing

A Writers Retreat at Palazzo San Niccolò in Florence, Italy

Started by author Lisa Clifford, The Art of Writing Retreat gives you a week to escape and focus on your writing. With the help of Lisa and her team, those that join are encouraged to write, think, share, and reconnect with their writing muse. “Whether you’re a published author or just starting out, our Florence retreat is perfect for you,” says Lisa. These classes offer you valuable information, networking opportunities, and enable you to concentrate on how to get your work to be publishing worthy.

“My Art of Writing Retreats are for beginning, emerging, and established writers. We bring famous publishers and published authors to the Florence area to teach and share their journeys. I hope you can join me. I’d love to meet you and help you take your idea to novel, in what I think is the perfect environment for creativity.”

– Lisa Clifford

Being privileged to host The Art of Writing Retreat for the past two years at the Palazzo San Niccolò, we have been able to work closely with Lisa and learn a little bit more about her upbringing as a writer.

Having written and published four novels of her own, Lisa Clifford is a very passionate, talented, and successful writer. However, to Lisa it goes much beyond The Art of Writing. After growing up in Australia the first sixteen years of her life, Lisa moved to Florence, Italy where she ended up meeting the love of her life, Paolo. When moving back and forth between two countries, Lisa continued following her dreams as a writer and journalist and ended up winning a scholarship to the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. After graduating, she continued pursuing her passion and started writing her first book Walking Sydney, A Guide to 25 of Sydney’s Best Walks. From there, Lisa ended up permanently moving to Italy where she married Paolo and continued to write more novels.

After over four decades of living in and writing about Italy, Lisa decided that it was finally time to share all her knowledge by helping other writers also achieve their dreams as she had. Thus, her Art of Writing Retreat was born and has been growing in success throughout the years.

The Art of Writing’s goal is that you leave with a sense of accomplishment and a continued desire to master the art of writing.

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“Staying confident as a writer is hard. It takes very little to quash self-assurance. Foster belief in your abilities. Learn whatever you can about today’s world of writing so you are confident.”

– Lisa Clifford