Florence Revisited

“Exploring the treasures of the Tuscan capital beyond its most famous attractions” .

The American Magazine The Epoch Times speaks about Palazzo San Niccolò. Thanks to the editor Kristine Jannuzzi for the beautiful article about our magical city and for the paragraph dedicated to Palazzo San Niccolò Firenze.


Here below an abstract of the article:

“I stayed in the heart of this neighborhood for the first part of my most recent visit, in Palazzo San Niccolò, a charming restored property that opened as a boutique hotel in 2017. The oldest part of the structure was once a 13th-century monastery, and you can still see several original arches that were part of its cloister. Behind the building, the private garden is a tranquil oasis that made me feel as though I were staying at a friend’s villa in the Tuscan countryside. The rooms and apartments are available for short- and long-term bookings, and if you prefer a more independent setting in an area that has a true local flavor, Palazzo San Niccolò is a great choice” …