Kent University at PSN

Kent State University recently joined us in the Palazzo San Niccolo lounge for a seminar on Luxury hospitality . The presentation went over how to succeed in a luxury hospitality business with real life case studies about Your Place In Florence and the Palazzos.
The main question was: ‘How do you create and maintain an alternative luxury hospitality business?’  Federico, our manager explained the process starting from the idea (why choose this industry) all the way to the final execution (what makes your business desirable). In between, he touched on a couple of important keywords including tourism, people,  passion & memorable experiences. Federico also explained that the industry has evolved from ‘what you can offer me’ to ‘how does it make me feel.’ With the millennial generation, it’s all about creating a real, genuine, inspirational experience with personalized activities created by the businesses local partners.  So, beyond the logistics, the way to create and maintain an alternative luxury hospitality business is to think outside of the box and become the consumer. The business must think about how the service can truly be genuine and memorable and what the necessary steps are to create significant partnerships with quality local businesses.

Posted by Carlota Buroz