A stay in the Carraia room at the Palazzo San Niccolo offers a modern feel while maintaining Florence’s historical charm. This room is equipped with one bathroom containing modern features such as the all glass shower and porcelain sinks on the first level. Also on the first level of the Carraia is a spacious common area which overlooks the hotels beautiful garden and terrace area.

This common space is also equipped with a sofa bed, additional seating, a dining table and a smart TV. This room also provides a modern style kitchen with stainless steel appliances including a stove, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. A beautiful spiral staircase leads to the top level of the Carraia where you will find a luxury style queen size bed and privacy away from the first level. From the historical flooring to the modern fixtures and furniture, the Carraia room offers the perfect balance of history and modernization.