Florence, Fortezza da Basso

January 7-10, 2020



From 7 to 10 January 2020 Pitti Immagine Uomo brings together the most important players in menswear and contemporary lifestyles to Florence. A multitude of voices gives rise to unique moments of discovery and debate, an increasingly multi-faceted experience that is capable of revealing next season’s trends and, at the same time, offering input in order to understand, in advance, the challenges and strategies of global fashion retail. The winter edition of the fair will be colored by special projects from fashion scenes that are distinguished by their creativity, respect for tradition and with an eye towards the future. The increasingly precise venues will showcase a selection of brands that offer a prompt response to market demands. The calendar of events and special projects will be enriched by prestigious names. In a fast and fluid world the Pitti Immagine style is confirmed as a vital compass guiding the choices of the global fashion community.




A rich program will see the city come alive from the morning of December 31st, proceeding non-stop until past midnight and going on also on the first of the year. There will be shows of all kinds for all audiences, from the youngest to adults people who want to stay up late. Among the events in particular we mention the opening of some museums, such as Palazzo Vecchio and the Novecento museum, and the many events in the Lodges and on the churchyards, including that of the Duomo.There will be shows with music, art, dance, in many squares of the historic center: Piazza della Signoria, Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Piazza di San Lorenzo, Piazza del Carmine and Piazza Poggi.

A very special event of San Silvestro will be held right in the district of San Niccolo, a few meters from Palazzo San Niccolò, in Piazza Poggi. From 22 to 2, dance music performances, Dancing in the moonlight, with three very different artists such as Matthew Herbert, Interstellar Funk and Dukwa, accompanied by installations of digital arts and light design on the facade of Porta San Niccolò, by the Association Cultural feeling.




From November 29th to December 2nd: SPECIAL OFFER BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY. Don’t miss our special Black Friday. Only from November 29th to December 2nd you can book your next stay in Florence, saving 40%! This offer is valid only for bookings made from Friday 29 November to Monday 2 December 2019 for stays from 29 November 2019 to 31 March 2020. The offer is reserved for a limited number of rooms and a minimum stay of two nights is required.
Advance payment of the stay is required at the time of booking.
This promotion is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, modification or non-arrival.

How to book:
The Black Friday special is only available online on our website or through your trusted travel agent.


Palazzo San Niccolò hosted Lady Ripples launch Pop-up and Martini Charity Cocktail event with a focus on saving the bees.

In fact 10% of all the sales went to their bee charity in collaboration with local honey makers Fior da Fire Apicoltura Biologica.
From all the sales from the local artisans that displayed their merchandise in the pop up, they managed to raise their first round of funds to restore a street tabernacle by Friends of Florence. The collaboration was a great success and we are very happy to participate and host this fantastic project. 








Lots of markets during the Christmas season make them the ideal place to seek out gifts for yourself, friends and family! Wherever you may be, it is likely you’ll find a market nearby on the weekends (and early holidays) starting in November and throughout the month of December. Many will occur on the same days, so you’ll have to choose where to head to. 

WEIHNACHTSMARKT CHRISTMAS MARKET – PIAZZA SANTA CROCE November 28 to December 20, 2018 from 10 am to 10 pm

Every December the fabulous Santa Croce square hosts a lively Christmas Market, with stalls selling various art crafts, candles, sweets and Christmas themed decorations from Italy and abroad. This year it starts on the 23rd of November and lasts until 22nd December 2019 (10am-10pm). The Weihnachtsmarkt Christmas market is Florence’s “traditional” market held in Piazza Santa Croce. The market appears as a small Christmas village with typical wooden houses popular in Christmas markets in Germany and in the north of Italy. Here, you will find Italian and international products that make perfect gifts, including Christmas decorations, candles, tableware, clothing and much more, as well as food and wine specialties to be enjoyed on the spot or taken home. Admission is free.


The 8th of December in Florence is Immaculate Conception day and the Christmas countdown officially begins. Traditionally, today is spent decorating the house with christmas trinkets and adorning the tree.The 8th is particularly special in Florence because there is an official public ceremony where the biggest tree in the city finally lights up! Wear something warm, wait for the tree to light up and admire the beautiful terracotta life statues made by a local artisan in front of Santa Maria del Fiore. This is a more traditional event, inspired by country values. Hosting a traditional market, it will be held in Piazza S.S. Annunziata on the 7th, 8th of December 2019 for the occasion of the Immacolata feast known as “Fierucola”. Among other things there promises to be delicious organic food and handmade art-crafts.

Kent University at PSN

Kent State University recently joined us in the Palazzo San Niccolo lounge for a seminar on Luxury hospitality . The presentation went over how to succeed in a luxury hospitality business with real life case studies about Your Place In Florence and the Palazzos.
The main question was: ‘How do you create and maintain an alternative luxury hospitality business?’  Federico, our manager explained the process starting from the idea (why choose this industry) all the way to the final execution (what makes your business desirable). In between, he touched on a couple of important keywords including tourism, people,  passion & memorable experiences. Federico also explained that the industry has evolved from ‘what you can offer me’ to ‘how does it make me feel.’ With the millennial generation, it’s all about creating a real, genuine, inspirational experience with personalized activities created by the businesses local partners.  So, beyond the logistics, the way to create and maintain an alternative luxury hospitality business is to think outside of the box and become the consumer. The business must think about how the service can truly be genuine and memorable and what the necessary steps are to create significant partnerships with quality local businesses.

Posted by Carlota Buroz


Palazzo San Niccolo houses THE RIVERFLOW YOGA BLISSFUL WARRIOR RENEWAL. “A Riverflow Renewal is not a typical yoga retreat, is a journey, step by step, to transform your body, awaken your spirit, and welcome you back to the life you were meant to love”. This is the philosophy of Rhonda Uretzky, yoga teacher and author of the book “The blissfull warriors”. Her workshop in Florence will be in October, and all participants will stay in Palazzo San Niccolò.

October 18/25 Palazzo San Niccolò, Firenze.

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Experience the emotion of the exclusive Perfume Workshop, during which Master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni offers his deep knowledge on the magical and mysterious essences that give life to the fragrances that best represent us. During the Perfume Workshop, Sileno Cheloni illustrates the history of artistic perfumery, the techniques to create a bespoke perfume and how to assemble the fragrances. Through the use of 21 compositions, specifically designed for the event, each participant is guided in the creation of his own perfume.

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On February 17th in the year 1530, Florence was besieged by the troops of Carlo V and Pope Clemente VII, who wanted to bring the Medici Family back to Florence. A game of  ‘soccer’  was played to mock and make fun of the enemy.   This was not the same soccer as the one we know today, but the historical game known as Calcio Storico: an ancient game, that according to some people was played by Romans, called Harpastum and played to keep the body trained. The Florentines decided to demonstrate to the army of Carlo V that life in the city was the same and they were not going to stop doing what they always did. So they decided to play the game in front of the troops. One team was dressed in white and the other in green and the prize for the winner was a calf.

Nobody knows how the match ended or which team won – it doesn’t matter….what really matters is that the game played on that day will be remembered as a great event in the history of Florence. To remember that fateful day, this Sunday 17th February 2019 the players of “Calcio Storico Fiorentino” will return to the same field in Piazza Santa Croce square to honour the brave warriors who preceded them.  Santa Croce square will be as it was in the 16th century to remind people of the events of that important day.

“The match played is an anthem to Florence, a symbol that is part of the identity of each Florentine and that adds a sense of belonging to our city.”





Carnival celebrations are held all over Italy from Venice and Milan down to the villages and towns of Sicily with many of the biggest celebrations on Martedi Grasso (Mardi Gras) or Fat Tuesday.  As in many other parts of the world, it is also approaching Carnival time in Tuscany.  Viareggio is home to one of the most impressive Carnival festivals in Italy and 2019 marks the 146th edition of the Viareggio Carnival.  This years festival is dedicated to women and so we look forward to seeing what floats have been created.  It has become a well established European tradition of carnival festivals, with parades and celebrations being held for the five weekends before lent which begins on Ash Wednesday. The first indication that the Carnival Season is here are the beautiful sweets that start to appear in the local bakery.  Sweet delights such as Cenci, Frittelle di Riso and Schiacciata alla Fiorentina.

Second only to the famous festivities held in Venice,  the Carnival of Viareggio was born in 1873 when the first parade of festively decorated carriages was seen in the historic Via Regia, the heart of the old town. It was transferred to the Promenade at the beginning of the twentieth century and it has grown in size and popularity year after year. In 1954 a big media event was created when the newly founded Radiotelevisione Italiana – RAI sent their first outside live TV report from the Carnival of Viareggio.  In 1958 the report of the parade was broadcast in Eurovision and nowadays it is the largest Italian folk event with a budget of € 5 million per year.

The Carnival of Viareggio lasts a whole month with day-time and night-time festivities, the famous parades of floats, local parties, masked balls and festivals of all kinds. The huge floats are made in what is known as the Cittadella del Carnevale.  Sixteen hangars, where the “Papier-Mâché Masters” set up the  huge Carnival floats, overlook a giant elliptical square.  The complex has a specific architectural structure and in addition to the hangars, there is the Carnival museum,  Carnevalotto Museum for contemporary art. An historical archive, a restaurant and the big central square, where some of the most important events of Viareggio take place, like summer concerts, parties and dance shows.


A papier mache depicting Uberto Bonettii who created Burlamacco, the Clown mascot of the Viareggio Carnival


Burlamacco was first depicted in 1931 by Uberto Bonetti when he won a competition to design the mascot for the Carnival.   He chose the red and white of the outfit from the traditional colours of the umbrellas on the beachs of Viareggio and the name Burlamacco came 8 years later, derived from the Burlamacca river.  To this day Burlamacco remains a feature of the carnival and there is a statue of him all the year round on the Lungomare in Viareggio.

These days the Carnival of Viareggio is broadcast on national television and watched all over Italy.  Each year famous guests, politicians and sports figures come to Viareggio to admire their papier – mâché effigies although not all are complimentary and mostly satirical.

Each year the Viareggio carnival attracts more than 600,000 people so be prepared if you decide to brave the crowds.  Getting there by bus or train is probably the best option but we can also organise a private transfer to the Cittadella and also to the promenade to watch the parade! 

The parades take place in a 2km long, ring-like circuit on the seaside avenue, best known as La Passeggiata.  Here the floats move among the crowds of spectators, who can attend the show as there are no barriers – so the spectators often become the protagonists of the parade too!


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