The Deluxe accommodation is the composition of one or two rooms with a studio with kitchenette in order to guarantee more space and services to our guests who would like to stay in Florence for a long time or for a large family.

It is usually composed by two bedrooms with queen-sized beds and private bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped and completely new and modern to create a contrast with the vintage style of the living area characterized by painted decorations. Each Deluxe solution has its highlights.

Magnoli Deluxe, for example, is unique for its wide and luxurious living area where you can find a bigger TV, more seating and sofas, a beautiful wooden library, elegant and rétro chandeliers, which give a stunning atmosphere after the sunset, and an additional equipped bathroom. Moreover Magnoli is the only accommodation with a private access to the garden.

Lungarno Deluxe is another beautiful choice for its private access to the main terrace: the perfect accommodation for guests who wish to relax reading a book and admiring the nature and the centennial walls which surround the garden.

Belvedere Deluxe

Belvedere apartment + Vasari Room

Lungarno Deluxe

Lungarno room + Renai studio

Magnoli Deluxe

Grazie room + Magnoli room

Common areas

All our guests have complete access to the common areas as the Lounge, a beautiful living area with free Wi-Fi and soft music and our stunning private garden: the perfect space for those who want to forget for a few hours to be in the center of a city!

We try to be plastic free so we leave at our guests disposal a water distributor to refill their bottles in the basement of the Palazzo.

Washer and dryer are also available and can be used by guests with tokens.

Do you need to park your bike? Please just do it in our private courtyard, near our electric car!