Experience in Florence

Discover the real Florence with our Customized Itineraries designed to give you an insider’s look at what life in Tuscany is truly like.

These hand-picked experiences let you immerse yourself in the local culture whether through visiting indipendent shops, artisans’ workshops, local farms, traditional restaurants, or wine and olive oil producers, or through making and seeing history for yourself with an expert tour or an engaging, hands-on painting or drawing workshop. See first-hand how olive oil, caprino cheese and salami are made, or go to a local vineyard to taste some of the best Tuscan wine, or discover what the label “Made in Florence” really stands for by watching artisans in their workshops as they produce masterpieces.






4 May 2020

A Walk around San Niccolò

When visiting a foreign city, it can be difficult to find places to eat, drink, sight-see, and even to grab basic necessities. However, when staying at […]
4 May 2020

Restoring “Le Rampe” of San Niccolò

Being situated in the San Niccolò neighbourhood has many advantages but maybe the thing we love the most is being so close to some of the […]
4 May 2020

Discover the Bardini Gardens & Villa

The Bardini Gardens and Villa boast one of the most beautiful views of Florence and for those in the know, now is the best time to […]
3 May 2020

Arte al sole Summer Camp in Florence

We are pleased to announce that Palazzo San Niccolò will host the Arte al Sole Summer Camp from 22 to 26 June 2020. Arte al Sole […]
3 May 2020

San Niccolò Tower Experience

Palazzo San NiccolòApartments in FlorenceExperience Visit to the amazing San Niccolò Tower From the height of the tower you can enjoy a wonderful view over the […]
7 May 2018

The iris garden

A Floral Oasis in the City Florence is turning on a wonderful show for Spring and the Iris Garden, known as the Giardino dell’Iris is no exception.  Open […]