Palazzo San Niccolò, an Authentic Florentine Experience

Located, literally on the other side of the Arno river in an area affectionately known by the locals as the Diladdarno area, Palazzo San Niccolò takes its name from the neighborhood where it is located. San Niccolò is the oldest district of Florence and among one of the historical areas most beloved by the Florentines.

Palazzo San Niccolò has an exclusive and unique charm. Totally immersed in nature where sumptuous Renaissance palaces are surrounded by lush gardens, you will be forgiven for forgetting that you are right in the heart of the historic center of Florence.

The apartments have been furnished with extreme attention to detail with a mix of luxury vintage and modern decor. An incredible atmosphere that will make it difficult to leave.

One of the hidden secrets of Palazzo San Niccolò is the private garden. An oasis hidden behind the ancient walls of San Niccolò. A very special, peaceful and luxurious green space, quiet and perfect to relax, take a break from the noise of the city and rest after your long journey.

If you are wanting to fully immerse yourself in a genuine and true artisan neighbourhood of Florence, without a doubt, the choice of where to stay is key to ensuring you feel the authentic experience of being in direct contact with the Florentine artisans, their workshops and Florentine art. Artisan workshops, specialty stores and boutiques are at your doorstep when you choose to stay here.

Palazzo San Niccolò, is an excellent location from where to base yourself when staying in this city famous for its’ art and culture.