Palazzo San Niccolò
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Visit to the amazing San Niccolò Tower

From the height of the tower you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city.The tower tells the story of Florence’s “fortitude and beauty”: its architecture is a trace of the medieval walls that used to enclose the city, it conjures up stories of defenses and sieges, it registers the coming and going of goods.

The Torre di San Niccolo' is a massive stone tower rising 115 feet high on the south side of the Arno River. From its summit, you can enjoy a breathtaking and unique view of Florence.
Part of the ancient walls that once encircled and protected the city, the tower was built in 1324 as one of the 15 gates leading into Florence and is the only one still standing today in its original height and form.

Because of this, it's also the only door to Florence that can give you a real sense of what it must have been like to arrive at the gates of the city as a visitor in medieval times.
An expert English-speaking guide will take you to the top of the tower and narrate an exciting tale of 500 years of sieges, battles and trade in a city that was once the largest and most prosperous in Europe. Due to the rarity of this event and to the fact it lasts just 3 months, we strongly recommend to book your visit in advance. Visits take place every day from 4 pm to 8 pm with guided tours in Italian and English every 30 minutes and they are cancelled in case of rain and bad weather.