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A sunny Florence gives you the opportunity to live incredible adventures that couldn’t be experienced in the same way in another time of the year. Summer in Italy usually means very high temperatures but with good planning and foresight, you can make the most out of your vacation.

Exploring Florence and its surroundings in the summertime has great benefits such as plenty of activities, a less chaotic city and everyone is more relaxed.  You can enjoy a ride in the countryside with a Vespa motorbike, the symbol of the Italian Bella Vita. You can sip a drink in one of the many outdoor bars on the Arno riverside.

You can take a day trip in some fabulous seaside locations just a couple hours away from the city. You can take advantage of the shade areas at the Boboli Gardens or the Cascine, the two green lungs of Florence. Whatever way you choose to enjoy your summer stay in Florence you will not be disappointed, because everything is better when the sun shines.

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